The full range of corporate services including drafting, reviewing, and negotiating all kinds of contracts, including memorandum and articles of association, partnership deeds, management agreements, technology transfer, joint venture agreements, material and equipment sales, purchase contracts and technical assistance agreements and contracts, franchise agreements and all kinds of commercial contracts and agreements. Trade marks, patents registration and litigation for the same are also an important part of the firm's pratice.

The firm possesses expertise in drafting documents for, and advising on, local and cross border corporate transactions including mergers, de-mergers, divestitures, re-capitalisation, IPO's, sales of companies or assets and other similar transactions. This expertise extends to drafting, reviewing and negotiating debt and equity financing documents and other corporate finance documents.


Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all banking and financing documents for both local and cross border transactions including security and support documents.

The firm has distinguished itself in debt recovery and in restructuring and re-scheduling debts. In addition to loan, guarantees and syndicated loan agreements the firm possesses expertise in drafting, reviewing and negotiating other banking transactions including securitization, bonds, funds, commercial paper programs, collateralised mortgage obligation programs, floating rate notes, certificate of deposits, transferable revolving underwriting facilities, note purchase agreements etc.


The firm's expertise in criminal law is diverse and partners managing this area of the firm have extensive hands-on experience as former prosecutors. They are therefore able to bring a detailed understanding of the procedures and tactics involved in criminal litigation. The firm is highly regarded among its peers in this segment of law.


Drafting, reviewing and negotiating tender and contract documents including design and supervision, construction contracts, sub-contracts, supply, installation, testing, commissioning contracts, etc. Contract and post contract disputes and arbitrations are handled by the firm whose members have been ICC and court appointed arbitrators.

The firm's industrial services include drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts for plant supply and installation, industrial projects (turn-key or otherwise), technology transfer, etc.


Arbitration is an important area of the firm's expertise. Members of the firm have served as arbitrators in local and international arbitrations at the behest of the International Chamber of Commerce and the local courts.


Handling a wide range of intellectual property and technology disputes, including patent, copyright, trademark. e-commerce, new media and other types of Intellectual Property disputes.

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